What do I know of this instrument?


the cello chronicles

Now, having my own cello, suddenly I realized that I know almost nothing about cello. I even misspelled a part of this instrument. That’s so embarrassing. More to that: I glued a picture of violin, yes VIOLIN, in my journal instead of a cello. My goodness: what did I think when I did that. Apparently I didn’t think at all.


I made some corrections on this violin image, to make it looked like a cello. Still that’s not the right picture. Oh, my!

My cello, she has an Italian name: Stabioni (I might make another mistake for this –sigh). Regardless the name that sounds so Italian, my cello’s made in China. It also has a family name, which makes you know this is not an Italian cello: TABIONA. So her name’s Stabioni Tabiona. Yes, it’s a bit too much for an Italian cello, right?

But who cares? Since I will…

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